Badger Athletic Performance Facility and Equipment

Badger Athletic Performance is located in the McClain Athletic Facility's Student-Athlete Performance Center, adjacent to historic Camp Randall Stadium. The building underwent major renovations in 2012, resulting in well-equipped modern facilities for sports medicine and performance research.

Hamstring Testing Device (Vald Performance)

Hamstring Testing Device (Vald Performance)

Eight-camera passive motion capture system (Motion Analysis Corporation)

Eight-camera passive motion capture system   Eight-camera passive motion capture system

Portable posturography platform (AMTI Accusway)

Split-belt instrumented treadmill (Bertec Corporation)

Split Belt Treadmill   Split Belt Treadmill

Portable jump plate (Bertec Corporation)

Research grade ultrasound (Ultrasonix SonixTouch)

Research grade ultrasound

Portable split-plate jump system (Leonardo Mechanograph GRFP)

Portable split-plate jump system   Portable split-plate jump system

DXA scanner (GE Lunar iDXA)

DXA scanner   DXA scanner   DXA scanner

Isokinetic dynamometer system (Biodex System 4)

Isokinetic dynamometer system   Isokinetic dynamometer system

Metabolic Cart (Medgraphics)

Isokinetic dynamometer system
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