Badger Athletic Performance News

January 2017

Badger Athletic Performance has been awarded a 3-year grant by the NBA, GE Healthcare Othopedics and Sports Medicine Collaboration to study clinical, biomechanical, and novel imaging biomarkers of hamstring strain injury potential in elite athletes.

April 2016

Best NCAA Research Award, 2016 American Medical Society for Sports Medicine for Hammer E, Brooks MA, Kelsey A, Sanfilippo J, Carr K. Association between Female Athlete Triad Cumulative Risk Assessment and In-season Stress Fracture in Collegiate Cross-country Athletes. American Medical Society for Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX, April, 2016.

February 2016

Congratulations to all our collaborators whose abstracts were accepted to the 2016 annual meetings for ACSM and AMSSM. All abstracts are updated on our Presentations page.

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