Badger Athletic Performance Projects

Musculoskeletal Injury Screening

Primary Coordinator - Dr. David Bell
Areas of Interest
  • Identification of risk factors for lower extremity injury
  • Improving return to sport criteria after injury and rehabilitation
  • Development and implementation of clinical screening tools to prevent sports injury

Sports Concussion and Nutrition

Primary Coordinator - Dr. Alison Brooks
Areas of Interest
  • Risk of musculoskeletal injury after concussion, including association with neurocognitive performance
  • Changes in performance measures after concussion
  • Prevalence of low vitamin D status and effects of Vitamin D supplementation
  • Prevalence of low ferritin levels and iron-deficiency anemia
  • Nutrition attitudes and behaviors and their association with injury and performance
  • Association between sport specialization and risk of injury

Body Composition

Primary Coordinator - Dr. Neil Binkley
Areas of Interest
  • Changes in body composition over a season and over a career


Primary Coordinator - Dr. John Dopp
Areas of Interest
  • Prevalence of sleep apnea in collegiate athletes
  • Quality of sleep in collegiate athletes
  • Development of sleep questionnaires specifically for collegiate athletes

Health Outcomes

Primary Coordinator - Dr. Tim McGuine
Areas of Interest
  • Quality of life in collegiate athletes
  • Injury specific outcome scores

Bone Health

Primary Coordinator - Dr. Tamara Scerpella
Areas of Interest
  • Changes in bone mass and density over a season and over a career
  • Association between pubertal age and bone mass

Aerobic Fitness & Cardiac Function

Primary Coordinator - Dr. Drew Watson
Areas of Interest
  • Longitudinal changes in aerobic fitness and cardiac function
  • Identification of independent predictors of in-season changes in aerobic performance
  • Influences of aerobic fitness and body composition on in-season injury risk
  • Cardiac autonomic regulation and the relationship with aerobic fitness, internal training load and body composition
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