Our Mission

We are interested in regenerating the biomechanical behaviors of pathological and damaged musculoskeletal tissues and restoring their normal function. Our research is highly interdisciplinary, ranging from purely mechanical descriptions to new methods for functional imaging to tissue engineering and regenerative approaches to wound healing.
Our primary research goals include:
  1. Modulate the healing process in ligaments, tendons, and muscle so as to entirely regenerate the original native tissue. Approaches include controlled local release of biofactors to mediate the local immune response as well as stem cell therapy approaches.
  2. Utilize nanofiber scaffolds and tissue engineering approaches to regenerate ligaments and tendons.
  3. Develop new ultrasound-based methods to noninvasively explore biomechanical behaviors of tissues for diagnosis, functional assessment, and interoperative evaluations.
  4. Better define the fundamental behaviors of normal, pathological, damaged and healing tissues, relating elastic and viscoelastic descriptions to composition, microstructure, and cellular interactions.
UW School of Medicine and Public Health
UW College of Engineering
To achieve these goals, we develop and utilize unique approaches for experimental and applied mechanics. We also use histology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, and various other methodologies as required. We frequently use rodent models to test the efficacy of our approaches to tissue regeneration.
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