Sports Medicine

UW Health's sports medicine program provides complete prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation services for patients with common to complex sports injuries, offering patients a unique blend of experience and innovation.
We are the exclusive physician providers of sports medicine services for the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department. This gives us intimate familiarity with injuries and medical solutions at all levels of athletic ability, from professional and collegiate athletes to weekend warriors.
Sports medicine today encompasses injuries and conditions outside the traditional "sports" arena. Our providers offer many options for care of your sports injury or activity-related medical condition. We work with a team of athletic trainers, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and other allied health providers to get you back into activity as safely and quickly as possible.
The UW Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation and its sports medicine providers work as part of the UW Health Sports Medicine program to provide the highest quality comprehensive musculoskeletal care to all patients. We are proud to:
  • Lead in research that translates into revolutionary treatment
  • Serve the community through education and care related to participation in sports and physical activity
  • Cultivate the nation’s leading orthopaedists
  • Integrate research into daily practice
  • Work collaboratively with members of the practice and community
The UW Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation raises the bar for musculoskeletal care in the active population.
This section provides in-depth information on some of the specialized procedures, programs, and clinics we offer:
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