John Orwin, M.D., M.S.
John Orwin, MD, MS
Program Director

Sports Medicine Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in our Orthopedic Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University of Wisconsin. This is a one-year orthopedic fellowship based out of the University of Wisconsin Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation. The mission of this fellowship is to allow orthopedic surgeons the chance to enhance their skills in sports medicine. We provide excellent training in four distinct areas:
  • Clinical orthopedic sports medicine.
  • The treatment of Division I athletes that we care for at the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department.
  • Didactics - we have an extensive academic and didactic program that will enhance your academic standing in sports medicine.
  • Sports medicine research.  All fellows participate in either basic science or clinical research during their fellowship.
Our fellows will have the opportunity to work with our six Sports Medicine surgeons as well as our primary care Sports Medicine physicians.  Fellows will learn to manage all types of sports medicine problems, both surgical and nonsurgical. They will participate in well over 500 surgical procedures during their fellowship. They will act as a team physician for the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department where we manage over 800 Division I athletes. They will have a broad exposure to many allied health personnel, from athletic trainers to physical therapists and exercise physiologists.
This fellowship is also run in conjunction with our Primary Care Sports Medicine Fellowship which clearly enhances our fellows’ training in many of the non-operative medical problems that affect our young athletes.
Our fellowship is accredited by the ACGME which allows our fellows the chance to sit for the Certificate of Advanced Qualification in Sports Medicine if they so desire.
In summary, we feel that our fellowship is an excellent place to master sports medicine, to allow you the chance to enhance your knowledge and skills in our field, whether you go on to become a team physician, a sports medicine specialist, or a clinical or basic science researcher.
If you have any questions about our program, please feel free to contact us.
John F. Orwin, MD, MS
Director, Sports Medicine Fellowship Program
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