Clinical Experience

The sports medicine fellow examines and treats hundreds of patients in the UW Sports Medicine Clinic. He or she also receives extensive exposure to a variety of sports medicine-related surgical techniques.
Through work as a team physician for the University Wisconsin Athletic teams, the fellow learns how to examine, evaluate, and treat acutely injured athletes.

Clinical Care

The fellow is an integral part of the outpatient clinical facility at the UW Sports Medicine Center. Working with the attending physician, a physical therapist, and in some cases an Orthopedic Surgery resident, the fellow learns how to perform a comprehensive orthopedic examination of sports-related musculoskeletal injuries. Patients who are referred to the clinic’s physical therapy department are seen within one to two weeks, allowing the fellow to observe the therapists and gain an understanding of the rehabilitation process.
All inpatient and outpatient surgical procedures are performed at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. The sports medicine fellow gains substantial experience in knee and shoulder reconstruction, as well as in general arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, ankle, and elbow.
An attending physician scrubs on all cases and assists the fellow during surgery. In addition to hands-on supervision during the case, sports medicine surgical instruction also includes preoperative discussion, where the fellow and the attending discuss surgical options and appropriate procedures, and postoperative clinic visits, where the fellow learns rehabilitation protocols and evaluates the final results.

Athletic Department Support

The sports medicine fellow helps provide medical services for all University of Wisconsin varsity men’s and women’s athletic teams. This includes pre-participation physicals and daily evaluation of over 800 athletes in a variety of sports, including football, basketball, ice hockey, soccer, crew, and volleyball. Clinics, staffed by attending physicians and/or the fellow, are also held in the training room two to four nights per week.
The fellow is the primary orthopedic consultant for crew and wrestling. He or she also assists in the coverage of all major sports (football, basketball, and hockey), and travels with the football team to all regular season games and bowl games. Game coverage gives the fellow hands-on experience evaluating athletes and managing on-the-field athletic injuries.
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