Clinical Experience

Clinical Care

Under the supervision of our faculty, you will examine and treat hundreds of patients with a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions in our Sports Medicine Clinic. This experience will provide you the opportunity to fine-tune your physical examination skills, learn the presenting features of common and uncommon sports medicine conditions, and master both operative indications and non-operative treatment options for a broad variety of musculoskeletal sports-related conditions. In addition, you will become well-versed in rehabilitation protocols while interfacing with sport specialized physical therapists who work side-by-side with our physicians.
You will participate in 6-800 sports medicine surgical cases over the course of your fellowship year, including knee, shoulder and hip arthroscopic procedures, ligament/capsular reconstructions/repairs, rotator cuff and other tendon repairs, cartilage restoration procedures and patellar stabilizations. By a process of graduated autonomy, you will assume ever- greater responsibility as the year progresses. You will work throughout the entire year with all sports faculty surgeons, facilitating your observation of patient disease progression or recovery, and enabling your own progress under the year-long tutelage of each faculty member.
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