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With medical and technological breakthroughs being developed at this moment, and government and grant funding on the decline, we rely on your support now more than ever to continue game-changing research and bring groundbreaking treatments from the lab to the clinic.

Your donation to the UW Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation helps people of all ages in our community—and beyond—live active, healthy lives.

Dr. George and Nancy Vogt

Donald Anderson


DJO Global

The Jewish Communal Fund

Kato Perlman

The Mancheski Foundation

Ossur Global

Mark Van Susteren

Tom Zdeblick and Stacey Brickson

John and Pat Zimbrick


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Paul and Joan Caskey

Ed Clucas

Vikki and Tim Enright

James and Kim Gilmore

The Hooper Foundation

JH Findorff & Son, Inc.

Bob and Sharon Landsee

Life Instrument Corporation

Beth and Tim Mielcarek

Stephen Morton


Fran and Jacque Patch

Plunkett Family Foundation

Rheon Labs

Staff Electric Company, Inc.

Trazer HRA

Sal and Judy Troia

Marvin and Mary Van Hal

Gerald Lang and Maria Weber

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John and Louise Allen

Jim and Jessica Anderson

Scott Anderson

Austad and Son Inc.

Josh Balts

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Benjamin and Susan Begley

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Alison Brooks

Mark and Helen Burish

Kathleen Carr and Adam Borseth

Construction Supply & Erection, Inc.

William Davies

Brian and Amy Davison

Joseph Di Raimondo

William Engber

William and Erin Enright

Louisa and Dan Enz

Evans Scholars Foundation

Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Clifford and Jean Fisher

Amy Franta


Michael Gilbertson and Jane Blain

James and Jordan Glover

Jon and Sara Goldstein

Thomas and Ruthann Grantham

Joseph and Jacki Greene

Eric and Elizabeth Hagerup

Elizabeth Huebel and David Silverberg

Brian and Julie Hornung

David and Virginia Huber

Charles and Rebecca Ihle

Rich and Christine Illgen

Richard and Christina Lemon

Pam Jahnke and Randy Welch

Kent and Sally Klagos

Daniel Kohls

Paul and Kimberley Kosmatka

Gerald Lang and Maria Weber

Helen and Jeffrey Mattox

Nancy McKinley

Gary and Lynn Mecklenburg

Ryan and Tracy Meis

Daniel and Ellyn Mohs

Heather Morris

Elisabeth Noel

Andy and Sue North

Patrick and Joan O’Connor

Grant and Jodi Oster

Patio of Marshfield, Inc.

James and Lynn Pope

Jane and Steve Powers

Phil Reader

Paul and Karen Reynen

Jeff and Carolyn Roethe

Douglas Schoepp

Suzy and Paul Shain

John Sheehan

Paul and Amy Sponseller

David Stroik

Joe and Janet Tegtmeier

David Toivonen

Jon and Sarah Tueting

Vincent Commodities

Ron and Chris Vincent

Visual Health Information

Xiaofeng Wang

Seth and Katie Williams

Donald Zoltan

JF Ahern

Steven Alf

Edward and Joan Alschuler

Norman and Lucille Arendt

Jennifer Auerbach

Kay and Steven Babcock

John and Kathleen Bach

Richard and Judy Behling

Kim and Jerry Beld

Fred and Sharon Best

Harold and Jenny Bitter

Michael and Kathy Blumenfeld

Barbara Bond-Howard

Eric Brodsky and Freddi Adelson

John and Kathleen Bach

Henry Bothfeld

Dori Botts

Pat Bowdish

Warren Buckles

Joan Calkins

Amy Carey

Jon Cherney

Carex Consulting Group

Marsha Cohen and Michael Pressman

Corporate Art Force

Sue and James Conley

Richard and Peggy Daluge


Sara and Andy Detienne

Faye Deutschkron

Genna DeWoskin

Julie Dodds-Humphrey

James and Jessica Doyle

Rachel Egan

Gay Eliason

Cindy Fawver

Marty and Amy Fields

Andrew Frank

Byron and Janet Frenz

Albert Friedman and Susan Tikalsky

Jeff Gauger

GE Foundation

Gail Gibbons

Matthew Goetzke

Lisa Goforth

Alan and Debra Green

Kim and Randy Guenther

Ellen Gunter

Jerry Hackbart

Philip Hausmann

Ian Hedges

Angela Heine

Lyall and Colleen Herwig

Gregory and Susan Hill

Kayla and Charles Hiller

Jeff and Jeanne Hinds

Christopher Hines

Michael and Laura Holt

Michael and Sally Honeck

Nicholas Honkamp

Wayne and Tiffani Horman

James and Leonette Huffer

William Humphrey

Wayne Jahns

Glenn and Peggy Jarrett

Beth Junge

JW Investments

Stephen and Linda Kailin

Taddy Kalas

Greg and Jane Kaldor

Emily Kalnicky

Richard and Loretta Kalnicky

Valerie and Andreas Kazamias

Sandra Keil

Logan Keleny

Sally Kelling

Stephanie and Tim Kellnhauser

Dana Khani

Harlan Klagos

Stanley and Sharon Koenig

Gary and Connie Kolpin

Richard and Clairanne Kotenbeutel

Kevin Kouba

Jennie Krajeck

Amanda Kreger

Robert Krueger

Greg and Ann Landry

Casey Liakos

Bettine and Daniel Lipman

Brian and Susan Lochen

Lisa Loniello

Stewart Macaulay

Alice Malcara

Madison School & Community

Lawrence Markey

Tim and Lorie Markus

Lina Martin

Judith McCleary

Mark and Marcia McDermid

Cindy Meicher

Scott and Katie Michel

Amy Mietzel

William and Constance Mills

Rachel Mokelke Heineman

Alanna Nelson and Mourad Chaouch

Amy Nelson

Tanya Nelson and Mark Hanson

Tracey Nelson

Blaise and Stacy Nemeth

Orthopedic Design and Consulting

Timothy O’Brien

Pamela and William Offerman

Jerry O’Gara

Bonnie Oleson

Linda Olson and Craig Hungerford

Shirley Pitts

Allison Prajapati

Mary Ramberg

Amanda Reese

Eleanor Richter

Stanley Richter

Gary and Judith Ries

Jesse and Stephanie Rintala

Peter and Carrie Ritz

Raymond and Kelly Rizzo

Matt and Laura Roethe

Ron and Catherine Rotter

Patrick and Allison Ryan

Tarek Saleh

Safety Management and Training

Peggy Scallon and Mark Redsten

Peggy Scarpace

Karl and Tracey Schaphorst

Laurie Schmidt

Peter and Martha Schram

Christine Schultz

Kate Schultz

Myra Schultz and Arthur Polans

Jeremy Shecterle

Margaret Sheehan and Carl Maguire

Paul and Sherie Sondel

Bo Song

Ralph and Deborah Stamler

Summit Credit Union

Susan and David Sweitzer

Leon and Barbara Swerin

Kimberly Tennier

Margaret Tennessen and Eric Greiling

Deborah Thielen

John and Mary Thilly

Peter Thilly

Rocky Thompson

Grant Till

Dale and Jill Tomalin

Jamie and Jane Vander Meer

Vienna Beef Ltd

John Walsh

Joe and Cindy Walz

Andrew Walz

Madeline Weeden

Elisabeth Whitesel

W.W. Grainger Inc

James and Nancy Youngerman

Pete and Sylla Zarov

Keith and Margaret Zutter

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Your support is critical to continuing our legacy of innovation and advancement at the University of Wisconsin!

Over the years, your gifts to the UW Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation have enabled us to investigate cutting-edge research, advance patient care, and train generations of surgeons, physicians, and clinicians.



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