Options for Giving


We appreciate your interest in supporting our work through a donation.


Gifts are very important to our program and provide essential and immediate support for our areas of greatest need.

If you are ready to make a gift now, making a donation online is simple at our online donation page.

Additionally, if you have a unique gifting interest or a specific area you would like to target, please let us know.

Whether you would like to contribute to research initiatives, equipment needs, or educational programs, there are many opportunities to provide meaningful gifts at every dollar level.


Many Ways to Give

  • Honorary or memorial gifts to recognize accomplishments and honor the memory of a colleague, friend, or relative

  • Charitable bequests of any amount in your will or living trust

  • Naming the University of Wisconsin Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation as a beneficiary of your life insurance policy

  • Naming the University of Wisconsin Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation as a beneficiary of all or a portion of your retirement plan

  • Setting up a deferred or immediate charitable gift annuity

  • Giving a gift of real estate

  • Employer Matching Gifts

  • Gifts of Appreciated Securities

Named Endowments and Expendable Funds

October 12, 2022 – Bryan Heiderscheit, PhD, Awarded Gaenslen Professorship:
L-R Dr. Heiderscheit, Eric Gaenslen and Heidi Gaenslen (Frederick and Clara Gaenslen’s grandchildren), and Tamara Scerpella, MD, Interim Chair, UW Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Endowments are a wonderful way to create a lasting legacy and support the faculty of the UW Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation.

Named Endowments

Named endowments can be used to fund a specific project or program. Endowments can also be used to create discretionary funds that the department can use for areas of greatest need.

Named Expendable Funds

Named expendable funds can be used to support outstanding faculty and promising students for a specific number of years. These funds can be designated to provide immediate support for specific projects and programs.

Orthopedic Faculty Support

Named endowments and expendable funds can also be used to support exceptional faculty.

  • Chairs: A named chair provides support for a chair holder to explore and pursue innovative programs that help inspire and encourage research and discovery.
  • Fellowships: Endowed fellowships are used to help recruit and retain young talent and create training and research opportunities.
  • Lectureships: Endowed lecture funds bring visiting professors or lecturers to share their unique perspective and knowledge, creating learning opportunities for faculty.
  • Departmental Funds: Endowed departmental funds support orthopedic and rehabilitation initiatives and priorities that otherwise would go unfunded.



Brandi Funk
Advancement Manager

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