Non-Operative Pediatric Orthopedic Fellowship

A Welcome from the Directors

Blaise Nemeth, MD, MS
Co-Program Director

Kenneth Noonan, MD MHCDS
Co-Program Director

Welcome to the University of Wisconsin Fellowship in Non-operative Pediatric Orthopedics. Thank you for taking the time to seek out our program and learn more about the unique opportunities that may await you should you choose to pursue your future training with us.

Our fellowship was started as a way of meeting the clinical need in pediatric orthopedics at our institution. The evolution into the first formal fellowship in Non-operative Pediatric Orthopedics arose as colleagues sought to adopt our model for their groups. Despite being a new area of practice, our graduates have continued to acquire desirable positions within academic pediatric orthopedic groups across the country. We are fully committed to our mission of training physicians in non-operative pediatric orthopedics for placement in positions at institutions in need.

As a recently developed specialty, there is no standard of practice or board certification. This gives our graduates the opportunity to develop individual areas of practice to meet the needs of their institutions, based on their own clinical, research, and educational interests. As such, training is provided not only in pediatric orthopedics, but also sports medicine, rehabilitation, rheumatology, and pediatric obesity. Opportunities also exist to develop skills in teaching, publication, and practice management. Non-operative pediatric orthopedists have been increasingly recognized as playing an important role in educating primary care physicians in musculoskeletal medicine. As a graduate of our program, you will have the opportunity to be a leader in clinical care, education, and program development.

Please take the time to explore and learn more about our fellowship and the exciting practice of non-operative pediatric orthopedics.

Thank you for your interest in our non-operative pediatric orthopedic fellowship training program. If you have questions about our program, please contact us.


Blaise A. Nemeth, MD, MS
Co-Director, Fellowship in Non-operative Pediatric Orthopedics

Kenneth J. Noonan, MD MHCDS
Co-Director, Fellowship in Non-operative Pediatric Orthopedics