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2021 Freedom of Movement Grant Recipients Announced

With the beginning of the new year, comes new research opportunities. The Department developed The Freedom of Movement Fund to support basic science, clinical and translational research efforts. For the first time, the Freedom of Movement Fund was able to fund more than one project! Our award recipients’ research focuses on the training conditions with youth runners and additional conditions that could impact risk of injury, and the effectiveness of utilizing pre-operative blue light therapy to reduce the amount of bacteria at a surgical site. Congratulations to the research teams, and their selected projects!

Evaluating the Impact of Training Volume, Sleep, and Well-Being on Injury Risk in Youth Runners

Principal Investigator: Stephanie Kliethermes, PhD

M. Alison Brooks, MD, MPH
Bryan C. Heiderscheit, PT, PhD, FAPTA
Mikel R. Joachim, MS,
Timothy McGuine, PhD
Dr. Brian Krabak

Efficacy of Blue Light Therapy In Reducing Cutibacterium Acnes Bioburden at the Deltopectoral Interval

Principal Investigator: Brian F. Grogan, MD
Eric J. Cotter, MD
Lisa M. Cotter, MD
Elliot Baker Franczek, BS
Nathan Purman-Buehler, MS
Lisa Arkin, MD


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