Non-Operative Pediatric Fellowship

Research Opportunities

Each fellow will be required to participate in a research project during the one-year fellowship. A number of projects are underway at any given time and available to fellows. Additionally, new projects may be developed and tailored to the incoming fellow’s interests and expertise. The fellow’s research will be presented at the annual Orthopedics Research Day and submission for publication will be expected.

During the fellowship, fellows are expected to progress in their ability to evaluate current research and conduct original research. To promote growth and development in scholarship, UW Madison and the Department of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation maintain an effective infrastructure for research and scholarly activities of orthopedic fellows. Fellows are encouraged to make use of all available resources, including:

  • Laboratory space and equipment
  • Computer and data analysis services
  • Statistical consultation services
  • Research/basic science conferences
  • Faculty expertise and supervision
  • Library services
  • Grant services
  • Publication services
  • Funding

Our faculty members are involved in a wide range of research activities. They will help fellows choose research projects and mentor fellows throughout the research process. Explore current research opportunities via our research section.