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Hip Preservation

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DESCRIPTION FROM UW HEALTH (RETOOL THIS): Hip preservation uses different surgical techniques to treat hip pain and restore hip function.

It can help you reduce your risk for premature arthritis and hip replacement surgery in your later years. Hip preservation procedures may be beneficial for patients who experience pain due to a torn hip labrum, athletes who put their hips through extreme ranges of motion, and people who are diagnosed with hip dysplasia and have pain related to undercoverage of the hip socket.

Hip preservation is rapidly evolving, and the latest techniques allow for a broad range of patients, including high-performance athletes, to maintain normal hip function.

Our Core Team

Experts in hip arthroscopy for the treatment of common non-arthritic hip conditions such as femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) and labral tears, our team uses the latest arthroscopic tools and techniques. DESCRIPTION

Andrea Spiker, MD, our program director, is the only orthopedic surgeon in Wisconsin who is fellowship-trained in hip preservation.

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At UW, hip preservation patients are evaluated with DESCRIBE

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Andrea Spiker, MD
Assistant Professor

David Goodspeed, MD
Associate Professor

Pamela Lang, MD
Assistant Professor

Our Sports Medicine Primary Care Team

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John Wilson, MD
Assistant Professor